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NetObjects Fusion Essentials
NetObjects Fusion Essentials

Group of science for the people was organized in connection with the closure of the research laboratories in the Togliatti State University, Russia. Our group is engaged in development and experimental engineering developments in the field of environmentally friendly energy sources and systems. Further development of technologies for people. We do not develop for corporations.
We accept orders for revision of wind turbines, solar panels, solar collectors to increase their effectiveness. We accept pre orders we have developed batteries for solar panels and wind turbines.
Our team have been carried out development of positioning systems for solar cells to improve the efficiency of solar panels. Energy storage systems for the morning and evening hours, to compensate for undeveloped energy with solar panels. Systems to capture sunlight Fresnel lenses, to increase the efficiency of solar panels where it is impossible to establish the positioning system. Systems capture solar energy for water heating systems, to improve the efficiency of solar collectors. System increase the efficiency of wind turbines. We also conduct research and customized engineering solutions.
Our team spent developments in Togliatti State University, Russia. In connection with the arrival of the French town of transnational corporations, namely "Renault Nissan" and others, the Department of the University was disbanded, financing development stopped. Public funding is not carried out, as these developments are not interesting to multinational corporations and defense industry. Transnational corporations do not provide funding development, as these undermine the development of sales already commercially available systems. We share our research and development people, as these developments are for people. They are not intended for profit corporations. We start with the financing for crowdfunding.

NetObjects Fusion Essentials
Solar collectors
Wind turbines

A group of scientists

Research group leader: Viktor Vasilyevich Ermakov


Professor of the department "Power and Electrical Engineering" of Togliatti State University, candidate of technical sciences, professor. Author of over 115 scientific papers. Previously, he served as head of the department "Electrical and Electrical Engineering," the professor of the department. In connection with the dissolution of the department moved to another chair and position. Research experience of 30 years..

Head of Development, responsible engineer: Dmitriy Viktorovich Ivanov


Currently responsible for the development and scientific research and experimental design work. Earlier, an assistant professor of "Electric Car" Togliatti State University, 53 scientific papers. Candidate of Technical Sciences, Master in electricity and electrical engineer. Experience of scientific and research work of 15 years.

Engineer, responsible engineer: Dmitriy Viktorovich Biryukov


Currently in charge of the experimental design work. Previously, an engineer of the department "Electric Car" Togliatti State University, 12 scientific papers. Engineer. Experience of scientific and research work of 5 years.